Immersion | Inspiration | Change

We forecasts trends and creates experiences

that promote transformative learning by supporting individuals

& organizations in developing new mindsets.

LX|NYConsulting is a global consulting agency based in Brooklyn, New York and specialized in the creation of Learning Expeditions [LX]. 

These “immersive” experiences give participants an excellent opportunity to explore the New York innovation ecosystem, in its many dimensions (cultural, economic, technological, social, historical, political, etc.). Sources of inspiration, they offer the possibility to open up, to try out, to venture and also to innovate and transform oneself in record time. 


To experience a LX is therefore a chance for both personal and professional development. It is also a way to comprehend that a diverse working environment contributes significantly to the efficiency and competitiveness of a company.


Based on the principles of inclusion and diversity, LX|NY also offers several solutions to help its clients disrupt individual and organizational biases and foster the development of their leadership skills.


Change mindsets for a more inclusive, resilient and responsible society.


Help people grow through change.

We believe passionately that great learning experiences have the power to change how we think about ourselves, our relationships with others and our role in the world.

We believe in partnerships.

Each collaboration is the opportunity to transform our client’s mindset as well as our own. We are continuously inspired by our partners’ achievements and celebrate their journeys and successes in our always-evolving programs!



Our holistic approach to change is evidence-based.

We develop solutions and services that integrate insights from behavioral science - psychology, cognitive science [...] and social science on how people make choices and build positive habits.