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Magali Chassard

Passionate about personal development, Magali has spent most of her career in education and continuous learning, and built up strong skills in human resources and business transformation. She has turned challenges into opportunities for nearly 15 years.


With an expertise in sociocultural watch, Magali knows that capitalizing on change is essential to remaining competitive. An educator at heart, she focuses on experiential learning and co-created LX|NYConsulting to provide practical support to established companies, start-ups and individuals in their process of exploration, creation, innovation and transformation through immersive experiences.


Magali enjoys meeting new people, conviviality and collective efficiency. A neuron agitator, she loves challenges and to connect ideas with people. She developed a passion for change as a child whose family has lived in nearly 15 countries. “Transformed” several times over, she is also a certified health coach, a Zumba aficionado and has worked for 10 years with Madonna.

Julie Filiot Luyindula


After more than 10 years working in art and fashion, Julie co-founded LX|NYConsulting in response to a growing demand for innovative strategies in the business and entrepreneurial community.


Working in fields where performance is key, Julie understands the need of influential decision-makers for constant inspiration to achieve personal renewal. She meets frequently with leaders in their field and change-makers. Her innovative ideas evolve from these connections and lead to the immersive LX|NYConsulting events she organizes.

In 2014, Julie co-founded Rue Mercer - New York, a luxury blouse company where she was co-founder and creative director for five years. In 2009, she was Head of Partnerships for Arludik, the first gallery in the world to exhibit pop-culture artwork.


Before moving to New York City, Julie lived in Valencia, Spain and Paris, France. Julie is passionate about visionary ideas, bold projects, spirited personalities, sports and Nutella.