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In today's digital age, mentalities and practices are evolving faster and faster. Organizations must understand the value of technological change and anticipate its impact on their business model.

Learning Expeditions (LEX) are immersive trips to an innovation hotspot for a group of professionals seeking inspiration, insights and networking.

Inspiring places, influential leaders, upcoming trends...
Participants are
empowered to transform their ideas in record time!

In our jargon, we speak of an accelerator for transformation!

LEX are a powerful tool to drive change and collective construction.



LEX's primary objective is to observe and understand cultures, practices, organizations and people in their immediate environment. They are an ideal platform for anticipating, understanding and addressing the challenges of a changing world.

LEXs are 3-5 day trips, designed around a theme. They offer a opportunity to step out of your comfort zone as you explore, experiment, reflect and share feedback.

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Going on a LEX is a unique experience that inspires you to move forward

It's such a powerful concept that we absolutely wanted to bring it to nonprofessionals !

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LEX|NYC helps individuals develop a culture of curiosity

We believe that asking questions is the engine of any action! Curiosity allows us to approach uncertainty with a positive attitude and stimulates our desire for knowledge

Signature LEX will broaden your mind to different opinions, lifestyles and topics. They will give you a fresh perspective on the world and help you develop skills that will enrich your personal and professional life.

With its many industries, cultural influences and backgrounds, New York is an endless source of inspiration for everyone

Its uniquely diverse ecosystem is the ideal setting for growth and innovation.


You are not going on a trip to learn a "lesson".

You are embarking on an expedition : an exciting journey in which you take on challenges, solve problems and achieve goals you thought were unattainable!  

Make the unknown familiar!

Whether it's a business trip or a pleasure trip, embarking on a LEX is about creating a dynamic, inviting comparison and shaping an individual and collective mindset that will help define your core values.

TECH Professionals

Absorbing the world around you can lead to creative breakthroughs.

UNDERSTAND NY Tech ecosystem and identify its best practices.
DISCOVER industry leaders & the latest trends.
ACCELERATE your organization's capacity for innovation. 
MEET with key “Topic” players & successful entrepreneurs

IMPROVE engagement & collaboration.
INSPIRE and empower decision making.
EXPAND your network and seize business opportunities.
BUILD a new vision & mission for your company.

Tribe & Family

Opening up to a new world can trigger transformation.

OPEN your mind to new experiences & possibilities.

LEARN by doing.

TRAIN your brain and break the routine.

GAIN new knowledge & perspectives.

CHALLENGE assumptions and generate options.

SHIFT your mindset and empower yourself.

ENGAGE with people who inspire you.

BE INSPIRED, find purpose & meaning for yourself.