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Shake things up. Immerse yourself in an ecosystem of unparalleled opportunities and  adopt the NYC Seize-the-day attitude.

Make the unknown familiar. Learn about local industries & culture and embrace the infamous You-can-do-it American mindset.

Embarking on a LEX in New York City is like thinking in fast forward mode !

Tech Professionals

We create and facilitate LEX for a vast typology of clients and cover a variety of topics across industries, functions and business challenges.



key Learning

With diversity & inclusion at its core, LEX|NYC is proud to develop LEX on topics we care about and on which New York is leading the way.

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Tribe & Family

While initially aimed for Tech professionals, we also design LEX for a broader crowd : anyone who wants to experience NY's diverse ecosystem from their own unique angle.

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A Learning Expedition is an investment that pays off : leads, contracts, partnerships, brand visibility... but also personal growth, mental expansion and cultural appreciation.

Discover our 3 signature LEX

Each expedition is fully customized to the goals of its participants. 

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Leverage your company's digital transformation and learn how Ny's Tech ecosystem & culture work within business!

First a military port, then a manufacturing hub, then a financial epicenter and now the world's leading city for technology, New York never stops reinventing itself!

This aptitude for change and innovation is what makes its ecosystem so resilient to the pandemic. The Big Apple, despite the Covid-19 crisis, still ranks as the #2 most dynamic Startup ecosystem in the world - with a Tech sector valued at $147 billion, just behind the Silicon Valley. 

New York has become the most attractive city in the United States for foreign investors. A powerhouse for innovation and entrepreneurship, driven by strong local policies, New York's startup culture is stronger than ever!



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This is a LEX for Tech Executives/Professionals looking to gain skills in key areas, learn about the most recent innovations and connect with local leading experts.

Empower participants & their organizations to address business challenges and drive breakthrough growth.




Dell's Women Entrepreneur Cities Index ranks NYC as the best possible place to be a woman entrepreneur.

Women's entrepreneurial efforts are often hindered by both economic and cultural barriers. And gender gap. However, the Big Apple is the world's most successful city for women in all fields. An equality of opportunity that benefits the whole economy with women creating 40% of the city's businesses.

Our program is designed to provide participants with a bonding environment by immersing them in the cultural and entrepreneurial ecosystem of NYC while providing them with the nurturing and inspiring interlude of sisterhood

This is not a feminist project.  It' s a journey beyond gender equality that focuses on women's empowerment: finding strength to go beyond individual existences and gain power.



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This is a LEX for female entrepreneurs who wish to gear their inner strengths to professional and personal advantage.

Meet the protagonists of New York's political, socio-economic and cultural scene who are empowering women to transform themselves and the world.




Becoming a more inclusive & diverse organization is not just the right thing to do — it’s essential to innovation & business success. 

While the topic of D&I isn't new, advancing workplace diversity is more important today than ever: clients are turning to companies with a proven commitment to D&I; increasing legislation and requirements are being enacted to support greater diversity in the workplace; and employees expect leaders to make a differenceOrganizations must evolve or risk a shrinking candidate pool, reduced market share, and ultimately, lost profitability


Research by McKinsey demonstrates that companies which embed diversity, equity and inclusion into their operational policies, practices and culture are more profitable than organizations that do not. 

NYC's level of enthusiasm & commitment to diversity is an inspiration to the rest of the world. By channeling this energy into concrete efforts, the city fosters a thriving economy that embraces the diverse experiences and backgrounds of its extraordinarily diverse workforce



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This is a LEX for professionals and organizations who want to launch, refine and sustain DEI initiatives.

Demonstrate the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion for innovation in order to turn dialogue into action and lead transformative change.

More experiences ] Our LEX respond to the various needs of individual & organizational change.


Take your field trip to the next level with our expert-led  educational LEX!

Entrepreneurship mindset, NYC corporate culture, student life, city exploration... LEX are fantastic tools to help students prepare for their future and empower their core beliefs through experience!

We customize each expedition to create a unique educational experience for your group. 


"An ideal solution to boost curriculums and provide students with opportunities to make real-world connections."

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Transform your next incentive trip into an inspiring journey of exploration!


Performance deserves recognition and LEX are great opportunities to drive enthusiasm, foster loyalty and boost business productivity.

Customized solutions - our team scours NYC to deliver experiences that will inspire each employee's unique passions and interests. 

"A memorable and bonding experience that bolsters self-esteem, performance and emotional connection."



Relocate your family successfully! While moving to NYC is an exciting opportunity, it also brings challenges, especially for the family. 

It is important to become familiar with American values, while understanding the specifics of daily life in NY. You will also have to deal with family adjustment issues that may affect your relocation.

Our team created the Expat LEX to support expatriates with cultural transition and family readiness.

"A valuable ressource that accelerates relocation timelines and reduces assignment failures”

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[ Create your own LEX ] With its many industries, influences & cultural backgrounds, NYC is a unique environment for growth and change





Diversity - A fact about humanity and a potential lever to achieve organizational success.

Empowerment - We are a community. We represent a power that can be mobilized. We will use that power to access our rights.

Resilience Both an attitude and a skill. Ability to continuously innovate in a turbulent environment.  Getting stronger through challenge.

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