Immersive Learning | Collective Thinking


Our programs respond to the various needs of individual and organizational change.

Learning Expedition


Leverage your digital transformation ​and gain insights on how different NYC's tech ecosystem and culture function within business!

We create and facilitate LX for a vast typology of clients and cover a variety of topics across industries, functions and business challenges.

Incentive Trip

Exceed your business goals by sending your employees on vacation!

Performance deserves recognition and incentive trips are a great way to build excitement, create memories and improve business performance.

Intercultural Coaching

Help the French expats [families] in your organization to overcome day-to-day challenges when interacting not only with the American culture, values and beliefs, but also with the cultural specificity of NYC.

Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Organizations need more than a good recruitment program to establish an inclusive workplace.

They must break cultural barriers and welcome employees from different walks of life. 

Immersion Workshop

Immersion workshops are focused on a specific topic and are designed to provide a hands-on crash course with multiple learning objectives.


Attendees network with and learn from top facilitators as well as practitioner leaders in a variety of industries.


Other Experiences

Make the unfamiliar familiar!

With its many industries, influences and cultural backgrounds, NYC is a unique environment for growth and change. 

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