curiosity workshop

Curiosity is also key to understanding past events and to helping build our future.

Leaders with exponential curiosity stay focused on the purpose and ignore the politics of personalities.

help CEOs & Companies be At The Speed Of The Customer 

LEX|NYC work is built on the principle that people are naturally curious. We aim to inspire people to be curious not only about the topics that interest them, but also about their process of learning.

As Chief Curiosity Seeker and founder of Applied Curiosity Lab, I conduct engaging online and in-person ✵☛ training workshops to help leaders and their teams cultivate a culture of curiosity and upgrade critical thinking for improved judgment and decision-making.

Dual Language Solution | French or English

We shift culture and practices through experiential learning, 

hands-on coaching, curriculum development, and dynamic facilitation.

Accelerate your knowledge and master skills by learning via practice and with experts!


Immersion workshops are focused on a specific topic and are designed to provide a hands-on crash course with multiple learning objectives. Attendees network with and learn from top facilitators as well as practitioner leaders in a variety of industries.

From innovation in the workplace to NYC street-art, we craft programs to fit your business' needs and objectives.

The Living Curiously Method™ Workshop is designed for entrepreneurs and philanthropists who want to launch their idea for making effective and remarkable change. 

How does being curious help you to be successful?

Curiosity is linked so closely with success because it drives you into the unknown, which is where you make discoveries, develop relationships, uncover opportunities, and experience growth.

Why is curiosity important for entrepreneurs?

Curiosity urges entrepreneurs to come up with interesting and new ways of accomplishing tasks, allowing them to provide innovative services or products to society