Dual Language Solution | French or English

We shift culture and practices through experiential learning, 

hands-on coaching, curriculum development, and dynamic facilitation.

webinar about the Expatriate Experience and cultural competence knowledge

"Shifting Mindset" Series

The Expat Experience

- Webinar -

“When global meets local - Adapting to international transitions requires cultural competence.”


Diversité, Equité

& Inclusion

- Webinaire -

Retrouvez Julie et Magali pour un décryptage à chaud et en regard croisé du racisme systémique en France et aux Etats-Unis. 

Webinar about Science of Wellbeing. Innovative Online Workshop for individuals and companies

"Shifting Mindset" Series

The Science of Well-Being 

- Webinar -

“How happier, healthier mindsets fuel success.” 


Vivre et s'épanouir


- Workshop -

Vous venez d'arriver à New York et souhaitez trouver vos repères rapidement?


"Shifting Mindset" Series

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging 

- Webinar -

“Change the conversation -

How to address current diversity issues and implicit bias. And why belonging matters.” 


Salon BVNY

au Consulat de France de NY

- Event -

Rejoignez Magali et Julie pour une série de conférences sur le "Bien Vivre à New York!"


Women in Business

- Learning Expedition -

This exploratory trip allows women entrepreneurs, managers,  executives in business to exchange with enterprisers, experts, companies, incubators and/or universities

of NYC ecosystem.


Cross-Cultural Adjustment

- Workshop - 

This convivial workshop aims

at helping French nationals 

and their families to overcome cultural challenges 

in their everyday life

when interacting not only

with the American culture, values and beliefs, but with the cultural specificity of New York also.


NYC Jewelry

- Local Tour -

This intimate group tour offers

an educational experience

to engage curious attendees

with jewelry in NYC, through visits to hidden gems venues  and going behind-the scenes at showrooms and museums.