Immersive learning Collective thinking


We offer customized solutions that foster inspiration and empowerment

to companies, startups and individuals.

Leverage your digital transformation ​and gain insights on how different NYC's tech ecosystem and culture function within business!

LX are immersive journeys combining unfamiliar experiences with moments of reflection and creative production. 

We create and facilitate LX for a vast typology of clients and cover a variety of topics across industries, functions and business challenges.

Exceed your business goals by sending your employees on vacation!

Performance deserves recognition and incentive trips are a great way to build excitement, create memories and improve business performance.

Regardless of your program's scope, NYC has everything to impress, entertain and to create unique and inspirational travel experiences.

Help the French expats [families] in your organization to overcome day-to-day challenges when interacting not only with the American culture, values and beliefs, but also with the cultural specificity of NYC.

This customizable training covers many topics and focuses on the psychological & emotional stages expats are likely to face during that transition. It provides them with the skills needed to build a thriving life and career in NYC.

Achieve business success by fostering a diverse and inclusive company culture.


Organizations need more than a good recruitment program to establish an inclusive workplace. They must break cultural barriers and welcome employees from different walks of life. 


LX|NY supports in understanding and engaging with your company culture, business objectives and organizational strategies to develop diversity and inclusion content that is aligned to you. 

Accelerate your knowledge and master skills by learning via practice and with experts!


Immersion workshops are focused on a specific topic and are designed to provide a hands-on crash course with multiple learning objectives. Attendees network with and learn from top facilitators as well as practitioner leaders in a variety of industries.

From innovation in the workplace to NYC street-art, we craft programs to fit your business' needs and objectives.

Make the unfamiliar familiar!

With its many industries, influences and cultural backgrounds, NYC is a unique environment for growth and change. 

Brand Experiences, expats workshops, pop-up/ephemeral events, women networking...


Our programs respond to the various needs

of individual and organizational change.

Advisory Services

From complete project evaluation to implementing customized solutions, we help you identify and evaluate your needs.

Together, we will build a plan to initiate the change you want.

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Bespoke Themed Events

1 day


We organize hands-on events specifically focused on a topic, sector, or industry and designed to inspire exploration and creative learning. 

Learn among a community, clarify your intention, find inspiration, gain insights, and achieve impact.

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Immersion Programs

2-5 days 

These programs are designed to immerse participants into a whole ecosystem so they can relate to culturally diverse situations.

Foster your curiosity and spark innovation with a deep-dive into one of the world’s top-performing ecosystems. 

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